Is Hublot a Good Investment Watch? [History, Detailed Analysis, and Recommendations]

Is Hublot a Good Investment Watch? [History, Detailed Analysis, and Recommendations]

In the world of luxury watches, Hublot is an established name owing to its craftsmanship, innovation, and exclusivity. 

Hublot has risen to prominence in the watch industry fairly quickly. It has done so by combining a touch of tradition with a touch of modernity. 

We will take a quick look at why these watches (such as the Hublot Big Bang) are an excellent investment and their historical importance. 

We will discuss how the company’s design philosophy, market performance, and brand prestige have put Hublot in the upper echelons of watch supremacy. 

Historical Significance [How Did The Hublot Brand Grow?]

Origins and Early Work

Hublot has not been around as long as some of the other luxury watch manufacturers out there. This company was launched at a watch fair in 1980 at Baselworld. It immediately captured the attention of a large group of watch lovers. 

Their approach to making watches was unique and they were able to get into the limelight quickly because of this. Hublot was the company that made the first watch with rubber straps. This was a strong statement to make at the time. Normally, all watches used to come with straps made of leather or metal. Luxury watchmakers did not depart from these two materials when it came to the straps of watches. 

The decision to use rubber straps was not only a functional one; however, an aesthetic one. It also gave the wearer of the watch much better comfort when they wore the watch and made the watch a lot more durable. The rubber strap came to be after years of research by the watch manufacturers at Hublot. 

This came to be as a result of the research and development efforts that Hublot had in place. This was a bold look into the commitment made by Hublot to innovate ever since the formation of the company. 

The very first watch that Hublot had made was able to set the tone for all of its future endeavors. Many within the luxury watch industry considered Hublot’s move a very bold and refreshing departure from the traditional and ornate designs that were prevalent in watch manufacturing at the time. The main focus was on pure simplicity. They combined this with innovative techniques and materials and through these things; Hublot was able to make a name for themselves in not much time. 

We Can’t Ignore The Jean-Claude Biver’s Influence

The direction of this watch-making company changed quite drastically in 2004 when Jean-Claude Biver joined the company as its Chief Executive Officer. 

Biver was a legendary figure within the watch industry. He brought all of his vision to Hublot. He was the main man behind the launch of Hublot’s Big Bang collection in the year 2005. This particular watch was a legendary model that combined different materials. 

This included combining ceramic, gold, carbon fiber, and titanium. These watches perfectly captured the “Art of Fusion” philosophy that Hublot had at the time. This collection set Hublot apart from the rest of its competitors and it was also a landmark moment in watchmaking in general. 

Under the diligent leadership of Biver, Hublot was able to grow and expand very quickly. Biver was fundamental in establishing the brand identity Hublot enjoys today. He made the brand synonymous with both innovation and boldness. 

The marketing efforts employed by Hublot at the time included celebrity endorsements and very high-profile partnerships. These strategies increased the visibility of Hublot and made the company a desirable watch manufacturer. The idea of blending tradition and modernity was a well-thought-out move and it did help the company to reach a whole new generation of younger watch lovers. 

5 Reasons Hublot Watches Are Good Investments

1. Unique Design 

The Art of Fusion

Hublot’s unique design philosophy is known by the name of the Art of Fusion”.This concept is central to the identity of Hublot. The idea here is to merge different traditional watch-making techniques with modern materials and much more innovative designs. The ability that Hublot has when it comes to combining different sorts of materials to make its watches sets it apart quite significantly from its list of competitors. 

When it comes to the “Art of Fusion,” it is important to note that it is not only about materials. Hublot also makes sure that it is a fusion of different kinds of ideas and cultures as well. Their commitment to working together with a variety of artists, athletes, and other forms of luxury brands drives home this point. Their collaboration with Ferrari is a good high-profile example of this. 

2. Iconic Collections

One of the best selling points of Hublot is its extensive collection that can cater to a whole host of different tastes and personalities. No matter what kind of watch you like, Hublot will surely have something in store for you too. 

Big Bang

The Big Bang has become quite well known for its aggressive and bold design. This watch is an absolute favorite among those who like avant-garde looks and also very cutting-edge technology. The way this watch has been constructed makes it suitable for a variety of finishes and materials. This makes every watch out of this range very unique. 

Classic Fusion

This watch is a bit more subdued and understated watch it still has Hublot’s innovative spirit. These watches are a lot thinner and they are also a lot more refined than the previously mentioned Big Bang models. This makes them better suited for formal occasions. 

Spirit of Big Bang

This watch has a sort of tonneau shape and this line of watches offers an exciting twist to the legendary Big Bang range of watches. This is meant for those who want something a bit more different but still with a touch of luxury. This watch can combine the sporty and robust shape of the Big Bang watches with a particularly distinct case shape. This can set them apart from just about any other luxury watch in the market. 

3. Technological Advancements

In-House Movements

Hublot has done a lot to improve the in-house movement it has. This is vital in building a brand’s value and reputation. Take, for example, the Unico movement. This is a proper testament to the commitment Hublot has made to both precision and innovation. Then there is the chronograph movement which has been both designed and manufactured in-house. This can offer really good performance and reliability and thus has been able to significantly enhance the status of the brand in the horological world. 

The development of these in-house movements has been able to allow Hublot to have complete control over both the quality and the performance of the watches it makes. It has also meant that Hublot is able to make custom movements that work particularly well with the different designs and complications its in-house watches have. 

Material Innovation

Hublot has been a pioneer in the use of different materials to make watches. The company has been able to make use of many groundbreaking materials when it builds its watches. This includes using materials like Magic Gold, gold alloys that are scratch-resistant, and also Hublonium (a blend of magnesium and aluminum). Not only do these materials help with better functionality but they also make Hublot watches that much more unique. 

4. Brand Prestige, Market Performance

Celebrity Endorsements and Partnerships

Hublot’s brand prestige has been significantly boosted that to its many celebrity endorsements and its many strategic partnerships. Hublot has collaborated with sporting giants like Manchester United and also car manufacturing giant, Ferrari. They have also had endorsements from very high-profile celebrity athletes like Usain Bolt and Kobe Bryant. These things have worked to greatly improve Hublot’s visibility and its desirability. These endorsements and partnerships have aligned Hublot with performance, excellence, and success. These are qualities that all watch collectors and investors alike appreciate and actively seek out. 

Hublot has also had partnerships with people and brands from the world of art, music, and fashion. They have worked with contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami. Hublot’s partnership with Murakami resulted in a limited edition watch that combines Murakami's iconic flower motif with Hublot's innovative watchmaking techniques.

Limited Editions, Exclusivity

One of the main things that makes Hublot watches great investments is the fact that they often have limited production runs. Hublot releases limited edition watches quite frequently. Often, these are made in conjunction with different artists, athletes, or sometimes even other luxury brands. These limited edition Hublot watches are incredibly sought after. The fact that they are so rare makes them appreciate over time making them excellent investments. 

These limited edition watches are often released to celebrate a special event or day or even milestones. This increases the desirability of these watches even more. For example, there have been All Black versions of the Big Bang Unico Saphire range of watches. The transparent sapphire case this watch came in made it an instant cult classic. The fact that these limited edition watches sell out so quickly is another testament to the fact that Hublot watches are a great investment in their own right. 

Auction Performance

These watches do well in auctions. They are often able to bring in prices that are much greater than the original retail value of these watches. This is very indicative of the fact that there is a very strong demand for second-hand Hublot watches and that there is a good second-hand market for these watches. Take for example the limited edition watches that Hublot releases now and then or even the uniquely featured watches that Hublot makes. These watches appreciate value over time and this makes them great investment products. 

5. Collectability, Resale Value

Hublot keeps some of its watches exclusive and rare by making limited quantities of these products. When things are rare, it drives up the demand for these products among the collectors who are willing to part with a premium price to get one of these watches. This is why Hublot watches are great investments as they can retain their value well and often, even appreciate. 

Hublot is indeed a relatively younger brand when you compare it to many of its competitors. However, the company has still been able to establish a strong name for itself in this short space of time. The fact that they are so committed to innovation and unique design philosophies, has meant that they were able to create a loyal following in a very short amount of time. All watch collectors and investors do appreciate the unique place Hublot has been able to create for itself in the world of watchmaking. This has added to the overall desirability of these watches and added greatly to their overall long-term value. 

Hublot has built its entire legacy on its ability to challenge watchmaking conventions and has also been able to push the very process of making watches a great deal. With its unique blend of innovation and boldness, Hublot has been able to get itself a very passionate and diverse group of watch aficionados. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hublot Better Or Omega?

Both Hublot and Omega are amazing watch brands. However, in terms of popularity, Omega has a much bigger fanbase than Hublot.

Why Is Hublot Overpriced?

As the Hublot timepieces are involved with extreme handcrafting, expert-level arrangements, and high-end materials; the process and manufacturing cost are high.

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