A Guide to the Best Entry-Level Luxury Watches for Enthusiastic Collectors

A Guide to the Best Entry-Level Luxury Watches for Enthusiastic Collectors

When you think of buying items labeled “Luxury” one of the first things that come to mind are jewelry or watches. 

Not everyone can dish out a couple thousand dollars for a luxury watch. Here is where entry-level watches come into the scene. An entry-level luxury watch can be priced anywhere between $ 1000 to $6000. What’s great about the watch market now is that you have many options to choose from within this range.

Everyone wants a brand-new luxury watch. However, everyone can not get one due to the price. If you are looking for an entry-level luxury watch you can also look into the pre-owned market. Surprisingly, you’ll find that there is a wide range of watches you can get at the price of a brand-new one.

A Quick List Of Best Entry-Level Watches

  • Omega Seamaster 
  • Hublot Big Bang
  • Bell & Ross BR 03-92
  • Chopard Happy Sport
  • Panerai Luminor 1950
  • Tag Heuer Carrera Skeleton
  • Grand Seiko Spring Drive
  • Tudor Black Bay 58

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Best Entry-level Luxury Watch Brands 

Many brands cater to the entry-level luxury watch segment. Some of the top brands are:

  • Seiko: Seiko is one of the top names in the entry-level luxury watch market. They are known for being a giant in quartz and kinetic movements. 
  • Tissot: Tissot boasts beautiful Swiss designs and precision in all of their watches at more accessible price points. 
  • Hamilton: Hamilton combines American heritage and Swiss engineering precision.
  • Tag Heuer: Iconic and deeply rooted in the world of sports timing and motorsport. 
  • Longines: Longines’ historical contribution to aeronautics is deeply rooted deep in most of their watches.
  • Citizen: A world leader in eco-friendly technology, mostly through solar-powered Eco-Drive.
  • Orient: best bang for your buck with in-house, quality movements, and timeless styling. 
  • Montblanc: Montblanc is known for luxurious watches that mix classic craftsmanship with modern technology.

Why Do Collectors Care About Luxury Watches? 

Consumers purchase luxury goods, they pay for two things. They first pay for a quality product and second, for the value that the brand carries. This brand is not just a name, it is a certain lifestyle and status that people want to be a part of.  

Luxury watches uphold these two things the best. It has been argued that a luxury watch should be priced according only to its cost of material and manufacture. But that not usually that’s not the case. A chunk of the price comes from the watch brand. The name upholds the brand image and the social prestige that the user gets carried. 

The price of a luxury watch incorporates the price of materials, huge marketing and branding. 

For instance, Rolex is not selling a watch, but a membership to an elite world of enthusiasts. Thus, you pay a premium in terms of price. Collectors care about luxury watches as they carry these brand values. The more rare the watch the higher it will be priced. 

What Makes Them Entry-Level Watches? 

Luxury watches are vessels of status and taste. Three distinct factors make an entry-level luxury watch.

1. (Comparatively) Lower Price Point

Entry-level luxury watches tend to be priced within the $1000 to $7000 range. They are the starting point luxury market. Therefore they attract such consumers who have been desiring the prestige of luxury watches but are not yet ready to commit thousands of dollars. Typically, such pieces have quality craftsmanship but cut corners where possible.

2. Choice of Material

Differences in high-end luxury watches are created from expensive materials. These can be rare metals like platinum, diamond studs, or 18-carat gold. In this segment, all watches are made visually appealing yet affordable. However, by letting go of the extras you still get a brilliant watch movement. You also get sapphire as the crystal for a majority of these watches.

3. Exclusivity

High-end luxury watches are usually exclusive in different ways. This may take the form of their being limited-edition models. As we mentioned before they include collector editions or other precious gemstone studded pieces. Higher-end luxury watches may also have unique complications such as a moon phase, chronograph, and dual time zones. These are marvels of engineering that take skill and time to produce. 

Best Entry-level Luxury Watch: Our Top Picks

There are many luxury watches to choose from in the entry-level category. You can always buy one brand new but there are many pre-owned once you can get for great discounts. 

1. Omega Seamaster 

The Omega Seamaster series has been a long-time favorite for enthusiasts. The original one dates back to the year 1948. The original Seamaster was favored because of its performance in tough conditions. This 42mm model combines the classic look of the original series with the modern finish. 

It comes in an elegant stainless steel and blue rubber strap. The blue ceramic dial features an engraved wave pattern unique to the series. The dial has rhodium-plated hands with raised indexes. The indexes feature Super-LumiNova white for maximum visibility in low light. The Omega Seamaster can easily be called the best entry-level luxury watch for men for its great build quality and classic look.


  • Case Size: 42mm 
  • Finish: Brushed and polished stainless steel
  • Movement: OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 8800
  • Power Reserve: 55 hours
  • Dial: Blue ceramic with wave pattern engraving
  • Bezel: Rotating blue ceramic bezel
  • Crystal: Domed scratch-resistant sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters
  • Strap: Blue rubber with stainless steel buckle

2. Hublot Big Bang 

The Hublot Big Bang is the watch for the elites. No other watch embodies class like this series from Hublot. The Big Bang is made from ceramic, carbon, titanium, and rubber. The watch features stainless steel inserts clad in a beautiful black ceramic. 

At a thickness of 44mm, it should accommodate most oversized hands. The design is further complemented by its visible hooks. The dial is matte black with luminous hands and hour markers. It is equipped with black rubber completing the look. An entry-level Hublot might set you back a few thousand dollars but there are many on the pre-owned market that you must check out.


  • Model: 301.SB.131.RX
  • Case Size: 44mm, Stainless steel
  • Movement: Automatic 
  • Dial: Black, Chronograph 
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal
  • Bezel: Black ceramic
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters 
  • Bracelet: Black rubber strap 
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours

3. Bell & Ross BR 03-92

Watches from Bell & Ross are designed for professionals. The BR 03 is a bit smaller than its older brother the BR 01. Its unique square shape resembles the gauges of a cockpit. The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 comes in a 42mm square case with a matte black ceramic finish. The case is also lightweight and very tough. It has a black dial finished with glossy numbers in white. Most timepieces from Bell & Ross fall under the best entry-level watch for men who want a rugged and functional watch. 


  • Model: BR 03-92
  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Movement: Automatic 
  • Dial: Black 
  • Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire 
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Strap: Synthetic fabric
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, and date display
  • Power Reserve: 40 hours

4. Chopard Happy Sport 

The Chopard Happy Sport is a quartz that captures the essence of Chopard's innovative spirit and commitment to luxury. It is a great entry-level watch for women. Launched in 1993, the Happy Sport collection became an immediate success in the world of women's timepieces. This is thanks to the combination of the shimmer of diamonds and a sporty stainless steel case. 

This model continues to charm with its unique sophisticated design. The Happy Sport is exquisitely crafted, with a 30mm stainless steel case that is perfect for small wrists. The mother-of-pearl dial is a lovely background for the seven free-floating diamonds behind the sapphire-crystal glass. The dynamic play of sparkling gems is a treat to watch. 


  • Model: 278496
  • Size: 30mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Dial: Mother-of-pearl with 7 floating diamonds
  • Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Strap: Stainless Steel
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, date display 

5. Panerai Luminor 1950

Panerai has a long history of supplying watches to the Italian Navy. The Luminor brings bold aesthetics reminiscent of the authentic design launched way back in the 60s. It comes with a patented case design and a unique lever-protected crown.

The Luminor 1950 has a 44mm stainless steel case in the classic cushion shape with a protective extension for the crown. The black dial with luminous numerals and hour markers is. Additionally, the model includes a date window and small seconds subdial. Completed with black rubber raised bell design.


  • Model: PAM 00321
  • Case Size: 44mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Movement: Panerai P.9002, Automatic
  • Dial: Black with luminous numerals 
  • Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters 
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, GMT function.
  • Strap: Black Rubber 
  • Power Reserve: 72 hours

6. Tag Heuer Carrera Skeleton

The Tag Heuer Carrera is the definition of precision engineering blended with modern aesthetics. The Carrera series was originally designed as a racing chronograph for professional drivers. This line is known for its clean, clear, and functional design. 

The Tag Heuer Carrera Skeleton Gray features a bold and distinctive design. The "skeleton" in its name refers to the watch’s dial. It is a display that showcases the intricate movement inside; an absolute spectacle to enjoy.  The dial is housed in a 45mm stainless steel case with a gray color scheme. It is sleek and versatile. It is complemented by a ceramic bezel that is both durable and adds character to the watch.


  • Model: CAR2A1H
  • Case Size: 45mm, made of stainless steel
  • Movement: Automatic Calibre Heuer 01, manufactured in-house
  • Dial: Skeleton with luminous hands and hour markers.
  • Bezel: Fixed ceramic
  • Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Bracelet: Stainless steel
  • Power Reserve: 50 hours
  • Functions: Chronograph with a 30-minute counter, Date display at 3:30.

7. Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko is one of the best watches to consider in the entry-level segment of watches. They offer great value in this model with precise mechanics that can give any high-end manufacturer a run for their money. The Spring Drive mechanism is very unique. Only exclusive to Grand Seiko, this movement features a completely smooth hand movement without any ticks. 

It achieves this smooth movement from a Tri-Synchro regulator and electromagnetic braking. The Grand Seiko Spring Drive targeted the Japanese market initially. It has a golf ball-like textured white dial. With this watch, you not only get value but also a great entry-level luxury watch that will last for years. 


  • Model: Spring Drive GMT, SBGE009
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 39.4mm
  • Movement: 9R66 
  • Bracelet: Stainless Steel Bracelet with Deployment Clasp
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Power Reserve: 72 hours
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, GMT

8. Tudor Black Bay 58

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight is a popular dive watch, launched in 2018. It combines a vintage watch style and is paired with modern features. It comes in a comfortable 39mm size and offers versions with either a black or blue dial. 

Since its launch, it has been an instant hit. Its demand has decreased slightly over the years, making it more accessible and affordable. This watch is versatile and comes in different strap options like steel, fabric, synthetic suede, and leather. Need one for a special occasion, you got it! It's an excellent all-purpose watch for both collectors and newcomers


  • Model: Black Bay Fifty-Eight, 79030B/79030N  
  • Case size: 39mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Automatic, Calibre MT5402 
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Bracelet: Steel bracelet, fabric strap, synthetic suede, or leather 
  • Power Reserve: 70 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Entry-level Brand Of Rolex?

The cheapest Rolex you can get is the Oyster Perpetual. It is a combo of the company’s two best features. It gets water resistance from the Oyster case and automatic perpetual movement.

Is Hublot Better Or Omega?

Omega boasts a few iconic timepieces like the Moonwatch and the James Bond watch. Hublot, on the other hand, is a more prestigious brand among watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Hublot produces a wide variety of watches. Their entry-level model the Classic Fusion comes with a quartz movement. 

What Are The Big 3 Watch Brands?

The big three watch brands are Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin. They fall into the high-end luxury watch class and come with unique complications.

Which Entry Level Watches Are You Interested In?

Luxury watches were once limited to only the market elites. With time they have become increasingly accessible to the general public. With brands like Seiko, enthusiasts get brilliant timepieces at a fraction of the cost of industry leaders like Rolex. However, if you are still looking for a luxury watch at entry-level prices, the pre-owned watch market has great options!

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